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Privacy: there is never enough of it. Strict national and international regulations are a good start. Correct implementation is equally important, however. And that can be done transparently.

Sign in with Apple: the secure alternative

Identity fraud is one of the most rapidly growing online criminal activities. Hackers gain access to personal data by hacking into companies that collect large quantities of data. It is wise to reveal as little as possible about your identity. And Sign in with Apple makes that possible.

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Public sector

Developing secure apps for the public sector with iOS

How can you easily develop apps for the public sector that can be used by agents in the field without the threat of a privacy breach?

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Secure use of your mobile phone on the company network

More and more mobile devices are connecting to company networks. How can you make sure that everyone can work securely?

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Public sector

How to deal with shadow IT

More and more employees are using their own devices at the office with a variety of applications and the accompanying risks to security and privacy.

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iOS and iPadOS offer best security

No other operating system is a secure as those of the iPhone and iPad. We will explain why.

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