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An iPad at every bed

Sentean – all-in-one patient app

Having to stay in a hospital or other healthcare institution means that a lot of decisions are made for you. Your daily schedule with tests, treatments and meals. With the all-in-one solution Sentean on an iPad, the patient is given back a large degree of say regarding their stay. Hospitals are choosing the iPad to make patients’ stays more pleasant.

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iPad instead of television

The traditional television above hospital beds is on the way out in the healthcare sector. Why? Because an iPad is much handier and versatile as a centre for information and entertainment. Sentean Technologies developed an app for this purpose that makes the iPad part of the hospital’s logistical services, enabling the patient to make their own arrangements for food and beverages, for example.

One of the hospitals where Sentean and iPad are now widely used is the Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis (JBZ) in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. All of the more than 600 beds in the JBZ have now been equipped with an iPad and Sentean’s solution.

This video shows how iPads are used for the patients in the Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis.

“The iPads have made patients significantly more mobile, which promotes a healthy recovery.”
Letty van den Aker
Unit head Guest services JBZ

Info en entertainment

Sentean has brought a variety of functionalities together. Obviously, patients can use the iPad to watch television, listen to the radio and surf the Internet. But it can also be used by the hospital to make information available. Regarding visiting hours, for example. The Sentean app can also connect to the patient’s file (HIX) and make treatment information available to the patient, thus getting them more involved in their health and recovery.

“We encourage patients to get out of bed when possible, so that they are more mobile,” says Letty van den Akker, Unit head Guest services. “They can watch television anywhere, for example, or play games with other patients and use the services we offer. We believe that this increased mobility and social interaction contributes to their recovery.”

Ordering food when it suits the patient.

Many hospitals and other institutions no longer have fixed times at which patients are supposed to eat meals. A provision was also made for this in the Sentean app, so that patients can order food throughout the day via the iPad. Because not everyone is used to eating their means at the same times, this is more pleasant. It also reduces pressure on the institution’s kitchen because there are no more peak times. Menus can be included in the app, enabling the patient to send their choice to the nutrition centre by merely pressing a button. 

Secure video calls

Patients also use the Sentean app to make video calls to home. This is done via a secure connection, sending a single-use link to the family at home. By clicking on this link the home front establishes a video connection with the patient’s iPad.

And so much more!

If so desired, a survey can be created in the Sentean app with which patients can tell the institution how they are experiencing their health. Or what they thought of their hospital stay.

The right connections to the institution’s systems make a whole lot more possible. Adjusting the room temperature, for example. Or the light. This significantly reduces pressure on the healthcare staff. Does the institution have a shop? Sentean can turn this into an online shop by enabling orders to be placed directly from the iPad.

The iPad means that patients are no longer restricted to their beds for entertainment. This enhances their mobility, in turn accelerating the recovery process.


Sentean and the iPad can also be used for extramural healthcare at a distance. Healthcare professionals can contact patients by means of a video connection. Together they can draw up a treatment schedule. The healthcare institution also offers recuperation information via the app, enabling patients to chart their pain scores, for example.

An extramural facility for ordering meals can also be incorporated. Or for ordering medication.


The Sentean app is customised for each institution. Not every hospital or other healthcare facility will want to use all of the available options. Sentean ensures that only the functionalities wanted by the institution at that time are accessible. Obviously, other functions can always be added later.


Privacy and security are especially important in the healthcare sector. Sentean applies a self-secured framework so that extra security steps are added to the app and at the back end where necessary. This provides transparency for the user and prevents unnecessary log-in situations.


If an institution so chooses, Sentean can take responsibility for complete management of the iPads. This means configuring the devices, linking it to temporary or other Apple IDs, installation and readying the device for use. If an iPad is lost or ends up in the wrong hands, then Sentean can find it or erase it remotely. This provides additional certainty for the healthcare institution, ensuring that patient data does not end up in the wrong hands.

Sentean & iPad

  • Patient can take charge of their stay
  • Patient remains mobile thanks to the iPad
  • The iPad is secure and contributes to compliance with privacy regulations
  • The iPad is also ideal for remote healthcare


Sentean Technologies develops software solutions that contribute to the quality and details of communication between the intramural healthcare professional and the extramural healthcare consumer.

Together with healthcare providers, Sentean develops innovations that improve the quality of healthcare and extend the self-sufficiency of patients where possible. Independent of time and place. Sentean Technologies puts a face on many existing – and independent – services, making the process of each patient’s healthcare journey transparent, understandable, relevant and specific.

Sentean Technologies is part of the Sentean Hospitality Group (SHG).


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