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No more paper work slips!

OutSmart digitises field services

Paper work slips are a thing of the past: iPads are the new digital work slips. This can soon be standard practice with OutSmart. No more paperwork for workers in the field. This showcase tells you everything about OutSmart’s solution and how it can be optimally combined with the iPad.

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OutSmart / iPadOS

“Everything on the iPad, compact as can be”

OutSmart is basically a portal with a detailed digital planning board. For workers in the field, there are apps that are continually connected to the platform, enabling home base workers and workers in the field to exchange data at any time. iPads can be used by workers in the field. They need to have access to data connection, however, to ensure that the platform on OutSmart’s servers is accessible at all times.

Martijn Kooijman is an enthusiastic OutSmart and iPad user, and owner of AAproTec in Goes, a company that supplies, installs and maintains automatic garage doors.

Martijn explains his story in this video.

“Everything we do at the office is done in the field by the technician on their iPad.”
Martijn Kooijman
Director of AAproTec

Database with garage doors

Thanks to the platform’s versatility, OutSmart is now much more than a work-slip app. AAproTec has used it to compile a database of all doors it has installed for its clients. This makes OutSmart a handy database that the technician can consult on the iPad at any time. This gives them on-site access to the entire maintenance and repair history of a door.

Average time savings per work slip is five minutes. That is five minutes x 5000 work slips = 25,000 minutes saved each year!


OutSmart has many standard connections, enhancing the platform’s functionality even more. Exchanging data with bookkeeping programs like Exact and AFAS, for example. Invoices can be generated directly from OutSmart. Or with fleet management systems: real-time knowledge of the location of all of your workers in the field. Enabling you to optimally utilise the available time and staff.

Administrative records

OutSmart also has many advantages for your in-office administrative recordkeeping. Work slips no longer need to be typed on paper, for example. And none will ever be lost again! What is more: all work slips are immediately available, meaning that they no longer need to be simultaneously processed in large batch at the end of the day or week.

iPad and iPadOS – great for workers in the field

Maintain contact

  • Maintain continuous contact with iPadOS’s standard FaceTime function.
  • A single platform for all communication between staff members: e-mail, contacts, iMessage.
  • The OutSmart calendar can be synchronised with iPadOS Calendar.

Share information

  • Record videos and share them with colleagues and clients. Save them for analysis later.
  • Take pictures with the iPad’s camera and put them directly into the work slip.
  • Store documents in iCloud so they are always available to workers in the field.
  • Navigate to clients using Apple Maps using the direct link on the OutSmart work slip.

OutSmart as One-Stop Shop

OutSmart recently started offering hardware in addition to software. In the OutSmart WebShop you will find all of the devices needed to digitise your field services. From iPads and iPhones to cables and protective covers. Now with a special introductory offer: receive a free Otterbox protective cover (valued at €59.95) with every purchase of a 7th generation iPad! Offer subject to availability!

OutSmart Webshop

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