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Mobile working.

Working with mobile devices means working intuitively. Notebooks, smartphones and tablets increase productivity. Configuring all of these devices is a challenge. But it can be made much easier.

Worry-free holiday with these devices

Holiday time! Finally! Of course you take your devices with you, from the AirTag in your backpack to the light-weight MacBook in your suitcase, with long-lasting battery for on the beach.

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Mac and iPad – a powerful work pair

The operating systems of Macs, iPads and iPhones have been increasingly coordinated. No matter the device, your experience is consistent. Making it ever more interesting to have several devices work as one whole.

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The Mac with M1: a solution for your company?

Maybe you have already heard about Apple’s new processor, the M1. Read here why purchasing a Mac is more interesting than ever before.

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Video conferencing dos and don’ts – and a few tips!

We have worked at home more than ever before since the spring of 2020. Now nearly everyone is an expert in videoconferencing as a result. There is still much to be improved, however, even for the highly experienced. Benefit in full from videoconferencing!

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Secure use of your mobile phone on the company network

More and more mobile devices are connecting to company networks. How can you make sure that everyone can work securely?

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Mobile devices improve efficiency in the public sector

Five examples of how mobile devices make the work of civil servants in the field and IT managers smarter and more efficient.

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Practical examples: mobile workspaces are more productive

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of mobile workspaces and are making smart use of iPhones and iPads. Here are three examples from actual practice.

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Why isn’t my Wi-Fi working?

A wireless network that is sluggish or even unavailable. What to do?

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No more paper work slips!

OutSmart digitises field services

Paper work slips are a thing of the past: iPads are the new digital work slips. This can soon be standard practice with OutSmart. No more paperwork for workers in the field. This showcase tells you everything about OutSmart’s solution and how it can be optimally combined with the iPad.

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